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Welcome to the Reveal This IST Project

Retrieval of Video and Language for The Home user in an Information Society


The explosion of digital content available today requires intelligent technology that will allow people to spend most of their leisure time enjoying the content, not searching for it. In the Content Access Market today, broadcasters and SMEs are building networks and technology to exploit digital media. At the same time, the broadband media market develops rapidly with new media players joining in and new business models emerging. In this context, innovative content processing technology has a role to play...

What does REVEAL THIS do?

REVEAL THIS is an FP6 EU funded STREP project that develops semantics-based content processing technology that:
  • helps people keep up with the explosion of digital content scattered over different platforms (radio, TV, World Wide Web), different media (speech, text, image, video) and different languages (focus on: English and Greek for EU politics and travel)
  • provides users with search, retrieval, categorization, summarisation & translation functionalities for multimedia content, through the use of automatically created semantic indices & links across media

Who can use REVEAL THIS?

  • content providers who want to add value to their content, restructure and re-purpose it and offer personalised content to their subscribers, and
  • end users who wish to gather, filter and categorize information collected from a wide variety of sources in accordance with their preferences

What is innovative in Reveal This?

  • semantic enrichment of multilingual multimedia content with events, their participating entities and with topics, all relevant to user profiles
  • development of suitable cross-language, cross-media representations
  • deployment of the representations in building search, retrieval, categorisation & summarisation capabilities
  • mobile and web access to multimedia content for both professionals and laymen

REVEAL THIS in a nutshell